Datum3D Awarded Top 10 Endoscopic Solution Provider of 2018 by MedTech

Datum3D was recently recognized by MedTech Outlook Magazine as a Top 10 Endoscopic Solution Provider of 2018. Medical device companies around the globe are continually trying to enhance product quality while also trying to reduce manufacturing costs. When it comes to the development of endoscopic solutions, Datum3D has risen to the forefront. “Our mission is to develop products using a unique blend of creative thinking and advanced computer-aided techniques” begins Steve Venditti, CEO of Datum3D. “Our innate ability to assess cost drivers and our experience using the latest product design technologies helps our customers overcome various obstacles.”

Datum3D’s ascension to success and rapid growth can be credited to its founding principle of  Design for Manufacture and Assembly. “Each engineer is trained on how to use our fabrication equipment and thoroughly understands the manufacturing process,” says Venditti. “Having the engineers responsible for making their designs creates a wealth of knowledge and a true understanding of DFM&A.”