Industrial Design

Industrial Design

We offer comprehensive industrial design services such as conceptual development, styling, ergonomics and graphics. 3D surface models are incorporated early in the conceptual phase of development to eliminate 2D ambiguities.

Photo-realistic renders and appearance models also help us transition into the product-engineering phase providing early market confirmation, product integrity, and direct links to engineering and manufacturing.

Concept Generation

One of the most important facets of the product development cycle is concept generation. After an initial client review meeting, our Boston-based engineers begin putting "pencil to paper" with basic sketches and renderings. These sketches help to convey our interpretation of the product requirements and allow us to demonstrate our experience and creativity in a visual representation.

By collaboratively approaching the early stages of the overall industrial design process, our engineers can establish the framework of the design while also offering our clients various concepts, styles, and features to consider.

Conceptual Sketching

Exterior Styling

Color Scheme


Ergonomics play a critical role in each and every industrial design project. Whether we are designing a highly complex automated device or the simplest product component, we are constantly assessing human factors, safety requirements, and overall product comfort.

We also look for intangible product qualities that concentrate on customer sentiment, industry trends and innovative design. This is to ensure we optimize both the human well-being and the overall system performance.

Comfort Design

Anthropomorphic Analysis

Human Factors

Photo-Realistic Rendering

A high-quality rendering can help convey the design, manufacturing, and or functional intent of a product. Our industrial design engineers leverage this technology to collaborate with clients and to spark creativity for potential design alterations.

In addition, clients may utilize product renderings to help develop marketing strategies and initial customer feedback. Ultimately, photo-realistic renderings help document a products' evolution and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Texture Mapping

Design Visualization

Material Selection

Graphical User Interface

We provide graphical user interface support for various consumer, industrial and medical products. This discipline is typically used in conjunction with the development of a specific product design. Screen icons, menus, buttons, color scheme and hierarchical formats are developed, refined and detailed to conform to all product specific and end user requirements.

3D Graphics

User-Centered Design

Visual Indicators

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