About Datum3D

Design to Manufacture

Our mission is to develop products using a unique blend of creative thinking and advanced computer-aided techniques that provide our clients with rapid design implementation, superior quality, and reduced cost.

Our History

Founded in 1997, Datum3D is a product development firm located in Boston Massachusetts. Our founders (Gordon Lewis, George Reekie, and Steve Venditti) collectively believed in the core principle of Design for Manufacture and Assembly. We provide customers with innovation and expertise from initial concept, through manufacturing start-up. Our clients benefit from a seamless exchange of information and prototypes, ultimately resulting in total design integration. Today, DFM&A continues to be an integral part of our development process and is instilled in each engineer at Datum3D.

Proven Design Process

Our process is specifically designed to generate high-quality, functional, and cost-effective products. There are six phases to our development process: Investigate, Create, Develop, DFM&A, Refine, and Build. Datum3D in Boston, MA was founded on the core principles of Design for Manufacture & Assembly. As we move along the path of product development, DFM&A becomes more of an integral part of each step, influencing decisions and driving us to a successful design solution.

Product Development Process in Boston

1. Investigate

  • Competitive Product Research
  • Market Requirements
  • Ergonomic & User Studies

2. Create

  • Brainstorming & Exploration
  • Idea Generation
  • Concept Sketches & Renderings

3. Develop

  • Concept Design Refinement
  • 3D Modeling & Rendering
  • Design Verification & Prototypes

4. DFM&A

  • Costing Analysis
  • Design Optimization
  • Manufacturing Efficiency

5. Refine

  • Detailed Design
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Mold Flow Analysis

6. Build

  • Functional Prototypes
  • Engineering Documentation
  • Manufacturing Integration

Our Clients

We greatly appreciate the diverse perspectives of our clients.

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