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The Datum3D Advantage

With over 20 years of industrial & product development experience, Datum3D in Boston, Massachusetts is a one-stop-shop product development firm with a repeatable process designed to get your concept to market faster.

In-House Prototyping

Datum3D holds a successful track record of design and engineering excellence for a broad range of companies and projects needing real-time prototypes. We offer comprehensive product engineering services—from turnkey product development, engineering analysis and functional prototyping to DFM cost analysis—for leading companies around the globe.

The facilities at Datum3D in Boston, are specifically intended to streamline the product development process. By integrating our design studio with our manufacturing center, we can enhance workflow, avoid oversight, and ultimately get products to market faster than our peers. Our design studio promotes innovation and creative thinking with state-of-the-art 3D Design Simulation and CAM Solutions while the manufacturing center consists of 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, and CNC Machines capable of handling large-scale components.

Creating real-time prototypes is the fundamental strategy leveraged by our engineers throughout the development process and is vital to verifying the design and manufacturability of a product.

Collaborative Approach

We understand the process of developing a product can be complicated and so we make our engineers easily accessible for unexpected issues or design changes. In addition to regular client review meetings, we also provide interactive tools to help you visualize the ongoing product design. When it comes to product development, we believe meeting client goals while achieving an optimal design solution is best reached through a collaborative effort.

Flexible Structure

The product development process has several stages to consider and each project carries a unique set of parameters to work within. At Datum3D, we provide flexibility where we can manage all or part of the product cycle using advanced 3D modeling at each stage of product development.

Unique Perspectives

Over the past twenty years, our experience has led us to a broad-based network of clients and connections. This network has allowed us to work on a number of product development projects across several industries. Some of these industries include: Medical, IndustrialMilitaryTelecom, Consumer etc. Such a diverse cross-section of clients allows a unique perspective when developing products.
Product Development Process

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