Industrial Product Development

Datum3D has developed industrial products and devices since 1997. While each industrial product we work on is unique, we leverage our experience and distinct process to support our engineers in the development of each industrial product.

Industrial Product Engineering Services

We develop industrial products for a wide range of companies. Each project is unique in its scope and varies in complexity from simple nesting fixtures to multi-axis automated devices. These components are designed using the most robust hardware and electronics and they are supported with automation controls and software development. Most importantly, these products are designed, developed, and fabricated with in-house prototyping equipment to assure our clients receive the highest quality industrial products possible. This also allows for appropriate interactive testing and design validation of the entire system. We work with various testing agencies and perform multiple regulatory tests to comply to all required standards.

Industrial Products Developed by Datum3D

Datum3D has developed many industrial products over the years. We have worked with the top industrial companies and some of the most well-known products in this space. Examples of the types of industrial products Datum3D has developed over the years include:

  • Industrial Die & Tooling Sets
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Safety Instruments and Systems
  • Industrial Measurement Instruments
  • Fire safety Devices and Fire Safety Instruments
  • Industrial Measurement Gauges
  • Explosion Proof Cameras & Enclosures
  • Wafer Handling System

Industrial Product Development – Product and Agency Testing

As part of the turnkey product development offerings, Datum3D provides in-house electromechanical testing and assembly of all industrial products including:

  • Life-cycle Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Validation Studies
  • Focus Group Evaluation

Many of the industrial products Datum3D designs and manufactures require stringent end user testing and third-party certification. We regularly meet with representatives from regulatory agencies and work closely with customers to ensure that all products and services comply with all current regulations in the U.S. and around the world.

We regularly test products for compliance with these and other rating agencies:

  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) - an independent safety science company
  • Factory Mutual (FM) - a third-party global certification agency
  • Intertek Group - an inspection, product testing, and certification organization
  • CE – The European Union Conformite Europeene
  • IEC – The International Electrical Commission

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