Military Product Development and Design

With a long track record of design excellence in product development for military and military product design, Datum3D offers a wide range of products including:

  • Military Devices
  • Military Test Fixtures
  • Military Wearable Devices

Military Devices Product Design

Datum3D has developed many sophisticated military devices over the years. For example, we helped develop military pan and tilt surveillance cameras that are attached to Humvees. Working closely with the client and incorporating Design for Manufacturing analysis, we improved the stability of pan and tilt cameras for use in rugged terrains.

The project required a complete mechanism redesign to absorb external vibrations and provide camera stability during transport. In addition, we performed a Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFM&A) review of the entire assembly to help transition into high volume production. The result was a 25% reduction from original cost and a vastly improved shock mount camera system, eliminating 80-90% of the unwanted vibration.

Military Devices, Military Test Fixtures and Military Prototypes

Datum3D has worked directly with clients and military advisors to enhance the design and manufacture of various military products, devices, test fixtures, and prototypes. All Datum3D projects incorporate well documented policies and procedures including safety sheets so we can easily trace the product from initial design through completion and even into field deployment.

Military Devices Product Design & Development

Incorporating DFM&A techniques, Datum3D recently developed an extremely complex Smart Container for the U.S. Army. Competitive Benchmarking and Product Costing processes for design evaluation delivered a comprehensive understanding of cost drivers. Early in the project, we established vital baseline knowledge for the new product along with an excellent understanding of tooling costs and initial supplier involvement.

With Datum3D client, Erudite, we constructed a new Smart-Container for the US military that was light weight, collapsible, and tamper proof. The project required that all facets of the product development cycle be carefully controlled and documented. We designed a completely new exterior frame and base using custom extrusions that were developed, tested, and presented to the client using rapid prototyping.

We focused on structural integrity and modularity because the containers needed to meet Air Transportability Test Loading Activity (ATTLA) regulatory requirements. These regulations were to ensure portability and safety without compromising combat quality.

Military Wearable Devices

Datum3D has also designed and manufactured a military wearable device that is worn under the helmets of U.S. Army personnel. The military wearable device monitors heart rates and other critical medical statistics.

All product development for military and military product design projects require the full spectrum of mechanical engineering. Engineers conduct Industrial Design and Finite Element Analysis, in addition to Functional Prototyping the military wearable device. Nearly every military device we have ever worked on has required turnkey product development efforts.

Product Development for Military Devices from Datum3D

  • Pan & Tilt Surveillance Camera
  • Helicopter Joystick
  • US Army Smart Container
  • Military Wearable Heart Rate Sensor

Military Product Design Clients

  • FLIR Systems
  • Erudite
  • United States Army
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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