Product Design & Development

Product Design & Development

Datum3D in Boston, Massachusetts provides a number of industries with complete product engineering services. Associative integration of the 3D solid model enables a direct link to all downstream applications such as finite element analysis, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, mechanical design, and drafting.

We specialize in complex net-shape designs which are produced by manufacturing methods such as injection molding, die casting and sheet metal stamping. Direct numerical integration from the 3D model to the appropriate production processes ensure that the product will entail: reduced time to market, minimize risk, design integrity, and product optimization.

Motion Control & Automation

The design and implementation of high-performance motion control systems help to achieve increased speed, precision, repeatability and at times operational safety.

As such, our designs often incorporate innovative automation solutions to accomplish even the most difficult of projects.

Innovative Design

High Performance

Improved Precision

Computer-Aided Analysis

As designs transition through various process development phases, FEA, CFD, and Mold flow analysis tools are utilized to optimize the design and understand the relative impact of a corresponding adjustment.

Ultimately, these tools allow us to provide our customers with a robust solution ready for production implementation.

Finite Element Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Mold Flow Analysis

Product Documentation

Datum3D in Boston, can support all aspects and levels of documentation from fully dimensioned systems with GD&T tolerance schemes to red-lined sketches conveying device revision history.

Whatever the requirement, the ultimate goal is to provide our customers with appropriate documentation support throughout the development cycle.

Tolerance Studies

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

Parametric Dimensioning

Manufacturing Integration

Once the design verification and testing processes are complete, Datum3D becomes a liaison for our client and the corresponding manufacturer to support the transfer. This service significantly improves product quality by eliminating any potential communication errors and ultimately reduces time to market by providing a seamless transition to the production supplier.

Early Supplier Involvement

Production Planning

Product Lifecycle Management

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