Design for Manufacture & Assembly

Design for Manufacture & Assembly

At Datum3D in Boston, MA, we specialize in Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFM&A), Competitive Benchmarking and Product Costing processes for design evaluation. The DFM&A process provides a comprehensive understanding of cost drivers, establishes vital baseline knowledge for new product entry as well as offers a preliminary understanding of tooling costs and initial supplier involvement.

Cost Optimization

We utilize cost optimization strategies to enhance our product designs, reduce the number of parts and minimize complexity. The information gained through the application of these tools early in the product development process is used to drive the design. The DFM&A process also leads to improved serviceability, reliability and quality. Typical results are as follows:

  • Lower Assembly Costs
  • Simpler Assembly Line Setup
  • Improved Supplier Negotiations
  • Fewer Fabrication Tools and Parts

Part Minimization

Simplified Component

Product Scalability

Product Benchmarking

Competitive Product Benchmarking is a process that is utilized during conceptual design to establish important product features and cost targets that will guide the product design performance. It will also identify the significant competitors in a product market and define its critical success factors. Competitive Benchmarking establishes vital baseline knowledge for new product entry while providing the following:

  • Early Definition of Target Costs
  • In-depth Product Assessment
  • Preliminary Understanding of Tooling Costs
  • Supports Initial Supplier Involvement & Planning

Competitive Analysis

Cost Drivers

Comparative Evaluation

DFM&A Consulting

At Datum3D in Boston, Massachusetts we provide DFM&A consulting services for a wide range of clients and projects. The main focus of our initial consultation is to better understand both the product and client goals as well as any design specifications surrounding the project.

Once we establish this framework, we can more accurately identify critical features in the product design and implement improvements where applicable. Ultimately, our mission is to help clients understand any deficient areas of their product while also offering simplified and cost-effective adjustment solutions.

Product Placement

Cost Projection

Patent Support

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