Consumer Product Development

Datum3D, founded in 1997, specializes in consumer product design, and consumer product development using a unique blend of creative thinking and advanced computer-aided techniques. We have designed everything from consumer products and DIY toys, to sports training devices and entrepreneur projects.

Consumer Product Development Process

Every engineer in the company follows a carefully developed methodology to deliver high quality, innovative and cost effective prototypes. We have worked with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and some of the largest corporations in the world on a variety of projects. 

Each product starts from an initial design consultation and progresses through our six-step product development process. We take a collaborative and phased approach to product development to ensure that we are on the same page as our clients. We provide turnkey product development services starting with initial concept development and industrial design efforts to detailed mechanical design modeling and DFMA analysis before finally developing functional prototypes in-house for our clients.  

Consumer products typically require a significant amount of industrial design work to make sure that we encapsulate the brand, styling, and color schemes of the company and product. We constantly look for ways to improve styling to stay current with consumer and demographic trends. Another key area of consumer product design and development is DFMA analysis. Often times, consumer products are mass produced. Therefore, it is imperative to take out cost and design manufacturable products for our clients to attain the scalability they will need to make millions of devices. 

Innovative Consumer Product Design and Development

Consumer product design and consumer product development require a high degree of creativity, ingenuity, and innovation. Using high volume manufacturing techniques like injection molding, die casting, sheet metal stamping, and other technologies, Datum3D Product Development delivers products ready for mass production without sacrificing creativity. 

Conventional consumer product design and consumer product development involves outsourcing various parts of the project to other companies. Because we have in-house tooling and design equipment, we can easily provide turnkey product development services and updated designs at competitive costs while avoiding product delays due to miscommunication. 

Consumer Product Development Experience

Most consumer products are launched by small businesses and entrepreneurs. At Datum3D Product Development, we have worked on these types of projects since 1997 and can help guide our clients through the complex process of turning a concept into an actual manufacturable product. Having worked on projects such as the DIY Bigshot Digital Camera, which has been featured in several major news outlets such as Fast Company, New York Times, BBC, and Scientific American; Datum3D has the experience and the successful products to prove it. For reference, some of our top products are viewable on our portfolio page.  

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Do you have an idea for a new consumer product? Whether you are an entrepreneur or a large corporation we can provide turnkey product development services for you. From DIY toys and consumer products to sports training devices and entrepreneur projects we have you covered. Contact us today for a free consultation or quote.

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