Functional Prototyping

Functional Prototyping

We provide customers with complete functional prototypes including varying levels of complexity and a strict adherence to the corresponding 3D model. These functional models range from single piece parts to multi-level assemblies, containing hundreds of components. They are developed with a series of prototyping techniques such as CNC machining, SLA, SLS, short-run molds and sheet metal stampings. The ultimate goal is to provide our client with “production intent” prototypes for marketing evaluation, focus group reviews and regulatory testing.

CNC Fabrication

Our in-house CNC fabrication capabilities are an integral part of our overall design process. Datum3D engineers utilize these CNC manufacturing tools daily as part of the product development cycle. This allows them to quickly fabricate a component for design confirmation and tactile verification. We highly encourage each member of our team to build their models first-hand leveraging these CNC tools to transform their digital model into real life functional components.

CNC Milling

CNC Machining

CNC Turning

3D Printing

We leverage our 3D printers often for the initial evaluation of digital models. After determining which material is best fit for the application, (Carbon-Fiber, Kevlar, Fiber-Glass, Nylon, ABS-like plastics) our Boston-based engineers can use this technology to provide a tactile representation of their designs.

In addition to the design verification benefits, we also utilize our 3D printers to support the development of various products. Where applicable, our engineers can combine the technologies of 3D Printing and CNC Machining to rapidly create ultra-precise components.


Fused Deposition Modeling

Selective Laser Sintering

Laser Cutting

CO2 laser cutting technology enables our engineers to make very intricate 2D shapes and contours in a variety of materials. This machine also allows us to rapidly cut flat patterned layouts that are used for several different bending operations. Ultimately, this tool offers unique features that allow our engineers to develop detailed, complete, and functional products.

CO2 Laser

High Speed & Precision

Large Components

Testing & Assembly

Datum3D in Boston, MA provides in-house electromechanical testing and assembly as part of our turnkey product development offerings. Some examples include: life-cycle testing, functional testing, and validation studies. In addition to these forms of testing, we also frequently evaluate products for regulatory compliance and support customers through testing agencies such as FM, Intertek, CE, IEC.

Life Cycle Testing

Regulatory Agency Testing

Design Validation

Appearance Models

Our appearance models are exact replicas of the initial 3D geometry and renderings. They allow our clients to assess final design appearance for trade shows, marketing brochures, and preliminary focus group evaluation. The models can range from a simple one-piece 3D printed part to complex CNC fabricated assemblies that accurately convey key product requirements.

Focus Groups

Tactile Representation

Marketing Evaluation

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