Telecom Product Design & Development

Rackmount Server Product Design & Development

Datum3D is an experienced and innovative product design and development company that specializes in telecom product design and development products. The products we make most frequently for telecom companies include:

  • Rackmount Server Enclosures
  • Rackmount Tower Servers
  • Front Bezels

Rackmount Server Product Design & Development

Datum3D rackmount server product design & development services support the high demand environments of companies like Netflix, Facebook and others. The direct Datum3D client list includes DDN Storage, Sanmina, Newisys, Ellisys, and Serial Cable. All of these companies manufacture servers for use in high throughput, low mean time to failure environments.

Rackmount Server Internal Layout

For telecom product design and telecommunications Product Development, Datum3D is responsible for the design layout within the server box and the overall design of the enclosure. Most Datum3D clients want to pack these data storage systems with as much technology and components (motherboards, CPU’s, hardware, communication hardware, disk drives, HDMI ports, etc.) as possible. We conduct computer-aided engineering analysis to ensure the server boxes don’t overheat due to the amount of technology and components running inside the enclosure.

Rackmount Server Airflow Analysis

Because we place such high emphasis on throughput, Datum3D conducts extensive airflow analysis to insure our servers meet the demanding needs of our clients. These data storage systems simply cannot fail, and the use of thermal analysis helps to ensure the integrity of each product design.

CFD helps us predict and optimize airflow and the overall temperature inside the box over a certain period of time. We also conduct FEA (Finite Element Analysis) which helps us to ensure the overall structural requirements for each server. This analysis determines whether or not the server infrastructure is capable of supporting the weight of all the components and meets all regulatory requirements.

Packing as much computer hardware as possible into a condensed size server box requires a lot of accurate analysis to ensure that the internal components are cooled appropriately and everything functions properly.

Rackmount Server Cost Analysis

In addition to the structural and air flow analysis during Rackmount Server Product Design and especially for Telecom Product Design, we conduct extensive cost benefit analysis so that customers can afford to buy and implement the solutions we design. The goal of Telecommunications Product Development is to provide condensed packaging for multi-CPU and storage hardware components within each server.

Because these are high volume products used in major corporations, the servers need to be designed to minimize cost. Using a proprietary DFM&A (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) tool set, we conduct full product cost analysis on each project.

Rackmount Server Branding Implementation

Especially in Telecommunications Product Development we are asked to design servers with unique branding and industrial design features. This may include special styling, colors, and "looks." Whatever the data storage system looks like, we must maintain structural integrity including proper air flows and stability.

Rackmount Server Product Design Process

Our Telecom Product Design process includes the following steps:

  • Investigate – Understand the requirements of the client and the server we are building.
  • Create – Develop concept sketches and produce product renderings using 3D design tools.
  • Develop – Evaluate and refine every detail and produce 3D models and prototypes.
  • DFM&A – We conduct a thorough cost benefit analysis to ensure the product can be manufactured at a reasonable cost.
  • Refine – Using computer-aided engineering, we refine and confirm product design and structural integrity.
  • Build – We fabricate a fully functional prototype for our clients.

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