Datum3D CEO Steve Venditti Featured in Boston Voyager Magazine

Datum3D CEO, Steve Venditti was recently featured in Boston Voyager Magazine. In the interview, Mr. Venditti goes into what makes Datum3D unique relative to other product development companies. The article highlights their proven product development process, how they defines success, as well as the synergies created by having their design studio and manufacturing center all in-house. “The biggest distinguishing factor setting us apart from others is our product development process”.

Mr. Venditti goes on to mention that “not only are our engineers fully adept at product design and analysis but they are also well versed in the manufacturing/prototyping stage of development. By having our engineers directly involved with the prototyping, they are able to better comprehend the consequences of their designs and can optimize them accordingly. Instilling this innate manufacturing awareness in each engineer is what sets us apart from others and ultimately makes our prototypes ready for a smoother transition into production”.