Endoscopy Product Design

Endoscopy Product Design

At Datum3D, we strive to be the leader in functional, modern medical device product development. Just like with our endoscopy product design, we commit to utilizing our innovative strategies and cost-effective solutions to transform the medical device arena. We work to refine existing designs, improving on their appearance, ease of use, and cost to manufacture. With a collaborative team environment and a dedication to always keep DFM&A at the forefront of every medical device product design, we will continue to provide our clients with high quality products.

While endoscopes have been used for decades, little has been done to innovate their design to make them more user friendly and cost effective. The endoscopy space is in desperate need of a revamp, and Datum3D is at the forefront. Doctors want endoscopes that are more functional, more affordable to produce, and provide improved device modularity: Through our innovative medical device product development process, we can produce exactly what the industry needs.

Innovating the Endoscopy Space

The endoscopy space has been stale for too long. By integrating our creative thinking with our cutting-edge techniques, we have been able to overcome the most common obstacles in endoscopy product design. We have thoroughly assessed which parts are driving up the cost and adjusted the design accordingly, creating a modern endoscope that is more cost efficient and functional.

Our Approach to Endoscopy Product Design

We have become the go-to endoscopy solutions provider because of our unique approach to endoscopy product design. At the core of each creation is the principle of DFM&A or designing for manufacturing and assembly. With our complex understanding of the manufacturing process, we are able to purposefully choose components that are cost effective to recreate. Additionally, we streamline the endoscopy product design to minimize how many parts are necessary.

Throughout our design process, every party is actively involved. The engineers work closely with our clients to ensure every endoscopy product design exceeds their expectations. The completed design is modern, extremely functional, and easily reproducible.

Our Medical Device Product Development in Action

Our most recent medical device product development was done in collaboration with Medrobotics (Raynham, MA). We were able to completely redesign their FLEX endoscopic grasper/cutting device to give it updated styling while improving its quality and ensuring it could be manufactured in bulk. The endoscopy product design also met all FDA regulations. Upon completion, we were able to reduce the company’s manufacturing costs by 30%, while providing them with a modern endoscope that medical facilities would be proud to have on-site.

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Because our engineers have a true understanding of DFM&A, they can streamline the development of medical devices and produce top-of-the-line prototypes. Learn about our unique approach to medical device product development by downloading the full article!

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